Our Services

How Inside Out Aboriginal Justice Consultancy can help you

How we can help

  • The provision of expert advice and consultation on key issues and challenges in the human services sector particularly those effecting Aboriginal people, families and other disadvantaged communities
  • Specialist knowledge of the criminal justice system (both juvenile and adult)
  • Cultural support and guidance for clients, staff, management and boards/management committee’s
  • Strategic review, development and planning
  • Innovative solutions to difficult, complex and often sensitive challenges
  • Program identification, development, delivery and evaluation
  • Policy review, development and reform
  • Project Management and methodologies
  • Service delivery improvement and culturally responsive models of service delivery that effectively support Aboriginal people, families and communities
  • Embedding cultural safety in programs/projects, services, daily work practices and organisations
  • Developing the cultural competence of staff and organisations through various methods including the provision of tailored training (specialising in Aboriginal competency training and offender focused training), external supervision and support
  • Aboriginal workforce development and planning to establish and maintain a strong and culturally supported Aboriginal workforce
  • Support with developing and implementing Reconciliation Action Plan’s (RAP) and meeting commitments of RAP
  • Provision of support and assistance in meeting key performance indicators, objectives and outcomes
  • Advocacy, Lobbying and Campaigning
  • Mentoring and youth work
  • Key note speaking and guest speaking/panel appearances
  • Community, stakeholder and client engagement/consultation/management (specifically those affected by the justice system and other areas of Government invovlement)
  • Research and evaluation.