Street Smart

Inside Out AJC has collaborated with Street Industries Inc on the Street Smart Project.

Inside Out AJC has collaborated with Street Industries Inc on the Street Smart Project.

The primary aim of this project is to provide early intervention, prevention and diversion from the justice system and risky or anti-social behaviours (and the harmful consequences) for all young people (targeting Aboriginal YP) in Redfern/Waterloo/Glebe aged between 10 – 24 years old.

The Street Smart project will adopt a form of outreach and street based youth work that operates without the use of a centre and occurs where YP “are at” both geographically and developmentally. This project will operate at times of high risk, undertaken in the late afternoons and evenings (outside of business hours) in public places and ‘hot spots’ including; train stations, skate parks, public sporting spaces, parks, and on the street in the Redfern/Waterloo/Glebe areas.

The Street Smart project accesses YP during times of high risk and targets those who may be disconnected from services, family and community through the provision of BBQs, sporting and other pro social activities. Workers adopt a harm minimisation approach and utilise the opportunity to explore/address risky or anti-social behaviours and issues identified by the YP.

Harm Minimisation focuses on minimising the negative effects of substance abuse on YP, their families, peers and communities. During these activities, the youth workers promote pro social behaviour, activities and harm reduction strategies that aim to reduce drug/alcohol related harm through;

1. Drug and alcohol education including the risks associated with substance abuse
2. Developing, delivering and evaluating a range of culturally competent and accessible programs which aim to: strengthen cultural identity and increase cross cultural understanding, increase community connectedness and social cohesion, build resilience in YP, increase positive health outcomes, support YP to be safe, promote physical and mental well-being and develop life skills and coping strategies for vulnerable YP
3. Prevention and health promotion
4. Information and referral.

Innovative strategies will be utilised to engage the YP in discussions and activities around substance abuse and risky/anti-social behaviours. Staff will work with YP to remove barriers to engagement with external service providers based on the young person’s presenting needs whilst supporting the development of individual resilience and building community cohesiveness amongst YP.

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