About Inside Out

Our lifetime experience in Aboriginal communities provides us with the skills to effectively engage Aboriginal people and communities in decisions that effect specific communities.

We apply an Aboriginal lens to all of the work that we undertake.

Inside Out Aboriginal Justice Consultancy is an Aboriginal owned and led consulting firm dedicated to raising awareness of the over-representation of Aboriginal people in the criminal justice system and providing expert advice, culturally competent programs and innovative solutions to improve outcomes for Aboriginal people, their families and communities.

With both lived and professional experience in various human service areas, we offer a unique insight and perspective on various aspects of the human service sector.

Keenan Mundine – Owner and Principal Consultant

In and out of prison since my teens, I thought I would spend my life behind bars.

But a harmless joke heard while serving time inside Goulburn maximum security prison changed me forever. I was talking to a group of Indigenous inmates when they joked about serving a life sentence between them. It was a huge wake up call. I looked at these two older guys who were laughing, smiling and joking about it and I thought I don’t want to be like this, I don’t want this life.

Growing up in Redfern’s notorious ‘Block’, my troubles began after my mother died when I was six. Around a year later my father also passed away, leaving me and my two older brothers orphans. While we were taken in by family members, they weren’t capable of giving me the support and guidance I desperately needed. I soon fell into the wrong crowd and started stealing and using alcohol and drugs.

By 14, I was serving time in juvenile detention and began a downward cycle of crime, jail and re-offending.

Part of the problem was that I never had positive role models to look up to or encouragement to get an education or better myself. I’m definitely not proud of my past, but I have come a long way and I know I can influence the next generation.

I don’t glorify the high impact my actions had not just on my family but on my family, community and the wider community. I have served my time and repaid my debt to society but said anyone who thinks jail is easy has no idea.

In prison I felt hopeless, and I couldn’t think about life beyond the walls I was surrounded by. I spent every major birthday in jail. My story is not a sad story, I don’t want people to feel upset about my story because I think it’s one of courage and resilience and proof change is possible with the right support.

I am a passionate about advocating for lowering Indigenous incarceration rates. Statistically the odds were against me – but I am determined to make a difference. The fact that my sons are 24 more times more likely to end up in jail simply because of their identity keeps me awake at night.

I believe there is a need for a systematic overhaul specifically in the criminal justice system and it is time Indigenous people were included in the conversation about prison reform particularly those who are most affected by it. I want to provide the platform for people involved in the justice system to have a voice and commentary on issues, strategies, policies and services.

I am currently an ambassador for Just Reinvest NSW  and for the award-winning documentary Prison Songs.

Keenan has professional experience working directly with children on an early intervention and prevention program targeting Aboriginal children ‘at risk’. Keenan’s experience also extends to post release support and the reintegration needs of people coming out of custody.

Keenan is currently working towards his Certificate IV in Youth Service via an RPL process.

Carly Mundine – Co Principal Consultant

Carly Mundine has over 15 years of experience in the human services sector and field of criminal justice. Carly has held senior level and management positions within local government, the non-government sector, Juvenile Justice, Corrective Services, Health, Education (adult), Department of Justice in both Identified and non-Identified roles.

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Carly’s professional skills and experience cross over many disciplines including (but not limited to);

⦁ Alcohol and other drugs
⦁ Counselling & therapeutic interventions
⦁ Training and development
⦁ Cultural Awareness facilitator
⦁ Social and human services
⦁ Crime prevention and diversion
⦁ Program development
⦁ Strategy and policy
⦁ Community development

⦁ Youth work and ‘at risk’ young people
⦁ Case management
⦁ Adolescent development
⦁ Mentoring and leadership
⦁ Strong knowledge of the legal/criminal justice system and crime theory
⦁ Group work and processes

In addition to Carly’s extensive practical experience, Carly also has tertiary qualifications from TAFE including;

⦁ Diploma in Aboriginal Studies
⦁ Diploma in Case Management
⦁ Diploma in Counselling
⦁ Diploma in Youth Work
⦁ Diploma in Welfare
⦁ Diploma in Alcohol and Other Drugs
⦁ Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Carly has been awarded a Bachelor of Social Science (Criminology) from the University of Western Sydney and a Masters in Criminology from the University of Sydney.